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What is Phono-Graphix?  


The Nature of the Code and the Child as a Learner of the Code.

Letters are pictures of sounds. So these are pictures of sounds “b”  “oa”  “t”.

Can children understand this? - We believe that children can understand this perfectly well. Children have a remarkable ability to assess visual figures. At two days a baby can distinguish his mother's face from any other human face. Children assess visual figures in the world around them every day.

Sound pictures can be one or more letters. The pictures can be made of one b / t or more oa letters. So boat has three sounds, and three sound pictures b oa t.

Can children understand this? - We believe children can manage this. They reuse figures in the world around them every day. No rule is needed to recognize a triangle and a square, or that a triangle on a square is a house, so why would they need a rule to recognize oa as  'oe'?

Letters can represent more than one sound- ow is “ow” as in cow and “ow” as in show.

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