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Phono-Graphix (PG) is a reading program developed by Carmen and Geoff McGuinness. The PG Program teaches the basic code of the English language in a developmentally appropriate fashion. The program is based on research results as published in Annals of Dyslexia 1996 ed.

Phono-Graphix is a linguistic/phonetic method. The 40 phoneme units of the language are the basis for all instruction ranging from the simple to the complex levels of the spelling code. Children learn that phonemes are real and stable groupings, and that words can be segmented into sounds. Letter patterns or "graphemes" are taught as "sound pictures" for phonemes. A "sound picture" can contain one or more letters. All terms that complicate this message are avoided, such as "silent" letters, "long" and "short" vowels, "rimes" or "word families".



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